Perkasie Historical Society Walking Tour

Perkasie Historical Society Walking Tour

Perkasie Olde Towne

  1. Perkasie Museum – 513 W. Walnut St.
  2. Oldest House- Rear of 516 W. Walnut St.
  3. Trolley Tunnel - 7th Street at W. Walnut St.
  4. Antonio Roig & Langsdorf Cigar Factory/Pennridge FISH-8th and Chestnut Sts
  5. Stout Cemetery- 8th and Chestnut Sts
  6. J.G. Moyer Building/Soliday,REMAX and Bucks Co District Court - 7th and Market Strts
  7. Lesher's Store/Open Lot 7th Street
  8. American House - 7th and Market Sts

Menlo Park

  1. Menlo Park
  2. Perkasie Carousel - 3rd St. and Park Ave. 
  3. Menlo Park Casino building site now the location of Pierce Library- 491 Arthur Ave.
  4. Menlo Pool site now the location of the Menlo Aquatics Center - 425 Arthur Ave.

South Perkasie

  1. South Perkasie Covered Bridge- Lenape Park near Walnut St. and Constitution Ave. 
  2. South Perkasie Hotel
  3. South Perkasie School now a private residence 
  4. Benfield Mill now an apartment/condominium