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The Stout Family Cemetery is located near 8th and Chestnut Street, Perkasie. The property is maintained by members of the historical society and is open to the public.

Staudt/Stout Family History

Jacob Staudt/Stout was born in Switzerland in 1710 and came to America in 1737. Stout, a potter by trade, owned over 800 acres of land in Bucks and Northampton Counties. Jacob Stout, attributed as the first resident of Perkasie, constructed a house near 5th and Spruce Streets. His homestead included much of the land which became the town of Perkasie. When he passed away in 1779, the property was divided among his four children: Abraham, Isaac, Salome and Catherine. Abraham Stout became the owner of the homestead upon Jacob's death. Noteably, Abraham was a Justice of the Peace and a delegate to the 1790 Constitutional Convention Jacob Stout, his wife, sons and other decendents are buried at the Stout cemetery located near 8th and Chestnut Streets. A metal fence surrounded the cemetery until 1926 when it was replaced by a brick and stone wall. The stones from the wall were taken from the original Stout home. The bricks were imported from England and were once part of a pre-revolution building in Philadelphia. The building was razed during construction of a Delaware River bridge.

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