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Donate to the Perkasie Historical Society Covered Bridge Restoration Project

The 1832 South Perkasie Covered Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Bucks County is in need of restoration. The Perkasie Historical Society's first preservation project was moving this bridge in 1958. Today, the bridge is in need of repairs. Please help the Perkasie Historical Society by donating to this restoration project.

History of the South Perkaise Covered Bridge

The South Perkasie Covered Bridge was constructed in 1832 and is the oldest bridge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

It is commonly called the South Perkasie Bridge and earlier known as the Bridgetown Covered Bridge.

The Bridgeton Covered Bridge was built for use as a means of transportation across Pleasant Spring Creek.

The bridge is constructed of oak and white pine and is of towne lattice construction. The bridge is 93 feet long and was

covered to protect the wood from the elements. It was originally located on Main Street spanning the Pleasant Spring Creek.

The bridge was moved from it's original location to the park in 1958. It took eight days to move the bridge a distance of one mile.

The bridge bears the sign; "$5.00 fine for any person riding or driving over this bridge faster than a walk or smoking segars on.'

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